In the slaughterhouse, Lovis Corinth, 1893.


Movie Library

Movie Library is a web service for managing a/my movie collection with a reviewing possibility and much more.
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Slaughter's Realm of Chaos v3.0

Slaughter's Realm of Chaos (v3.0) is a web service for managing my music collection with additional lyrics, samples etc.
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Slaughter's Realm of Chaos v4.0

Slaughter's Realm of Chaos (v4.0) is an updated version of SRoC.
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DIY-adventures is a blog-like storage for my DIY-project related writings (only in Finnish).
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Facebook applications


PaperRace is a SVG-based game implemented as a Facebook-application.
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My Profile Ranking

My Profile Ranking is a "just-for-fun"-application implemented to Facebook.
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Satanic Slaughter Clan

Satanic Slaughter Clan's web site is packed with features including news, match/demo reporting, member interviews etc.
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Passiohedelmä-ryhmä is an amateur indie film group. Group's web site contains information about members and published films with photos and video clips (only in Finnish).
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Pimeyden linnake

Pimeyden linnake is an adventure book in digital format in which the plot enfolds solely from your own actions (only in Finnish).
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Trebest Oy

Trebest Oy is a construction consulting company. Their web site contains latest news and information about the company and its employees (only in Finnish).
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Arvo Hietakangas orkestereineen

Arvo Hietakangas orkestereineen is a band performing in any suitable occasion. The site contains biography, member and show information with photos and sound clips (only in Finnish).
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MINTTU-piika is a site for a private enterpreneur in the field of home related services (only in Finnish).
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